Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Conatural Instant glow face mask review.

Hey Girls,

🔸This is my first official blog as a blogger and I'm pretty much excited yet nervous about it a bit.
Okay so let's not take much time and start doing main thing.

🔸As we all know in Pakistan specially, we face massive troubles regarding skin and hairs. Sometime it's dry season and other times it's environmental pollution. Roughness and dryness are major issues these days and it's not easy enough to find a perfect and authentic solution for it.

🔹Today, I got my hands on so famous organic brand Called Conatural.

🔸Let's start with Instant Glow Facemask by Conatural.

🔹Instant Glow Facemask by Conatural is an essential product which deals with the darkness and roughness and ends up giving you an instant glow. At the same time it also provides smooth and fresh skin which is your main motive.
Instant Glow Facemask by Conatural brightens, whitens and refreshes rough skin
Instant Glow Facemask by Conatural contains natural & organic ingredients that brings a major glow to your skin.

🔹Conatural also gives a Radiance oil by this mask which fights with the causes of dryness and gives you exfoliated, softer, brighter and toned skin.

🔹How to apply:
Just add little amount of yogurt or rose water (if yogurt aint available) and add some Instant Glow Facemask by Conatural with few drops of Radiance oil provided by them with the mask.
Mix it and apply on your face till it gets dry.
Wash it off with luke warm water and you're ready to witness the magic with organic substances.

🔹I would prefer you all to give it a try once and witness it yourself.
This is your one solution to all skin problems.

🔹Hope my blog will be beneficial enough.
Stay tuned for more honest and straight reviews from some massive products.

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